We are a team of educators, engineers, designers and school builders.

David Gaynor

David likes to be learning. He believes that schools not only teach, but empower, and wants to make that easier.

Graham Hooton

Graham is a traveler, a twin, a creator of community, and a passionate believer in the power of education to change the world.

Ariana Chae

An engineer with a creative twist, Ari wants to create products that will serve immediate needs, especially in the ed-tech and K-12 education space.

Julie Cameron

Committed to ensuring at-risk students receive quality education. Can't take a good photo without an owl next to her.

Adam Coppola

Adam is an education designer because every school deserves to feel like a community.

Doyung Lee

Doyung spends a lot of time in the classroom. Sometimes he's learning, sometimes teaching, sometimes researching, and sometimes designing. He's never late for school.

Victoria Preston

Victoria hopes to one day be an educator in her own right following graduation from Olin College of Engineering and a stint in grad school.