What kind of support does an adovocate usually provide?

An advocate can help with nearly anything that a teacher requires to innovate in their classroom. Advocates may connect a teacher with another educator in the community, for advice. They may build software for the teacher or finding others who can build software. They may do research, to help inform a new project the teacher wants to try out. Through an advocate and the community they work with, a partner teacher can receive a wide range of supports.

Who can be a Partner Teacher?

Any K-12 teacher can be a partner, as long as you're excited about trying new things in your classroom!

If I'm a partner teacher, is my Advocate just going to tell me how to run my classroom?

No no no! We want to help you accomplish the changes YOU want. Advocates don't judge or try to shape the changes, they just help figure out how you can get to your goals and then find you the resources you need.

As an Advocate, will I be working alone?

We usually like to have our Advocates work in pairs. So we'll partner two advocates with one teacher.

What kind of schools do you normally work with?

We like to work with public low income schools when possible - they have the most need for extra resources. However, our most important criteria is having a partner teacher that is excited to work with us, regardless of school type!

How do I become an Advocate or Partner Teacher?

Sign up here, then we'll reach out to you with next steps.

What's the time commitment as an advocate?

The only mandatory activities are a single half-day observation of your partner teacher (7:30 - 11:30 AM), a two hour debrief, and the two hour meetup at which you'll present your findings. Beyond that, you can work as much or little as you need to provide support for your partner teacher.

What's the time commitment as an Partner Teacher?

We know teachers don't have much extra time - that's why we're running this program. The minimum committment is just two hours total, for two one hour interviews with your Advocate. Your Advocate will also perform a silent observation of your classroom for a half day, which will require no additional work on your part. We like our partner teachers to attend our observation debrief (~two hours) and presentation of findings (~two hours), but these are in no way required.